Decision time

I am writing this blog while traveling by train from west to east.
Today work starts again.
The seven weeks holiday has been great.
I have lived with him all these days and it felt as it has been like that for many years.
He made coffee this morning for the both of us.

A few weeks before the holiday started I have made a decision.
The coming year I am going to search for another job.
I have taught almost 25 years and for most of the time I have loved it.
I am very gratefull for all the experiences I got over these years. 
The students who I taught and from which I learned a lot.
My colleagus with whom I worked together and they also taught me a lot.

But I noticed within myself the urge for a change. 
My motivation is going down.
That is not good for me, and not good for my students and colleagues.

I have a hate/love affair with the fashion world.
The over-production of garments.
The horrible situations in the factories.
Those are a few reasons why I want to stop and change.

Now there is room and space to search and develop into a new direction. 
Within the coming year I hope to find it. 

I have spoken about it within the organisation of my work.
There is no hiding or neither a secret that I want to take this step.
I got a lot of support till now from the people around me at my work and in my private life.

I really don't know what the direction will be. 
There are little thoughts and ideas. 
The proces has already started.

Because I like writing one of the things to start with will be a new blog in Dutch.
The content will be focussed on my search. 
At this moment I am thinking about a good title for it.

This blog will be slightly on hold for a while.
Little posts might appear if I feel the urge to write.

Another thing I have planned to do is clearing out my house. 
I want space and room within myself and this really needs to be done.

There is help for me in this proces. 
Books to read and people to talk with.

I am really looking forward to it.
The energy is there.
Time for a change.


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