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Traveling from East to West and Back.

Q. Where are you?
A. I am here.

Q. Have you left your blog? A. No, not that I know.
Q. Has love taken over everything? A. Yes and Yes.
Q. Will you write again? A. Yes, I try. Now.
At this moment -while writing this post- I am traveling from Amsterdam to Enschede. From west to east. The week holiday is over, and looking back I see beautiful memories we made together.
Life has changed so much for me, and also for him. 
We have entered the world named: Us. Us means: being together and doing things we love together. There are moments that I still think it is a kind of miracle what has happened to me. Totally unexpected there is this man I love. And so does he.  And at the same time there is still the sadness of the loss of the love of my life almost 11 months ago. It all goes hand in hand, and it will always be this way.  It is all about love, which for me is the most important aspect of life.
It is such a difference going to see an exhibition by yourself or going there together. Jos has sharp eyes, and …