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I am Allright...

Sometimes I want to write a post about a subject, but when trying to do this it doesn't work. I t seems that I can't find the right words, the right sentences, or the right mood.
At the moment when writing this, that occurs to me. That is why I write this now , and I hope the right opening will appear.
What do you want to write I asked myself...

I want to write about myself. On how I feel after Bram passed away, and how I cope with everything. In previous posts before -and even after- he passed away I have always been open about the situation we had to deal with.
I want to write about the things I do at he moment. 
My experience of living again alone after living together for more that 30 years.

Let's start than.. just as I talked to friends last night.
I often get the question: How are you? 
Usually my answer is: More or less allright.

Some days go better than others, but I can see at change happening within myself. The enormous pain and sadness I felt at the beginning has changed…

About Dutch Fishermans Ganseys..and a bit More..

In my previous post I promised to write about the just released book about Dutch Fisherman's Ganseys. Written by Stella Ruhe.

In Dutch the title is: 
Visserstruien uit 40 Nederlandse vissersplaatsen.

There is an English translation with the title: 
Dutch traditional ganseys. Sweaters from 40 vilages.(I couln't find it on Amazon, but there are some book(web)shops in Holland who also deliver all around the world.)
For many years I had on my bookshelve the only book on Dutch Fisherman's ganseys. Written in 1983 by Henriëtte van der Klift-Tellingen. The book is printed in black and white, has many pictures from beautifulganseys in it, and it tells the history behind them. It is a good book, but the new book is better and more interesting. (but more about that book later in this post)
I have never made a gansey for myself, but I have always been attracted to them.  Dutch ganseys (and the same is for English one's) tell a history from fishermen who conquered the sea in small vessels…

A Delightful Sunday-Afternoon Filled with Art....

I just came home from a Sunday afternoon full of Modern Art..
Last Thursday I got invited by a friend to go with her to the opening of the exhibition:

at CODA in Apeldoorn this afternoon. (Thanks José for taking me with you!!)  It is about a Collection of Jewelry by the owners of Gallery Ra in Amsterdam. In the past I have bought some items at this gallery, but over the last years, jewelry for me got out of sight. Since following the goldsmithcourse I got this interest back. Last evening I suddenly found an old 70's leather bracelet - worn by Bram - back. 
It is rather funny that he did wear this bracelet, because wearing jewelry wasn't something for him. It took some time before he said yes to me question that I really would like to have us a ring after being together for 20 years. But.. he did..and a jeweler made us 2 beautiful silver rings..with a little piece of gold.
But, I can see him wearing this with an silk India scarf and boots. At least..that is what he told me once..Yes…