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A Working Day...

Woke up at 5.45.
Left the house at 7.
Walk to the railwaystation.
Saw those swans.. Trainride with a good book while listening to Adele 21. I set fire to the rain.
Walked to school and arrived there at 8.10
Coffee, mailcheck.
8.45: Examns Financial Management till 10.
Break till 10.30. Coffee.
Lessons Short Course till 12.
Inbetween having a look at toiles from level 3.
A pincushion from a level 3 Student.
Work from level 4 students Couture Department.
No lunch.
Presentations from First Year Fashion Management Students.
Before leaving school a quick view at work from the 4th year and leaving school at 16.20.
Just had time to buy tea at AH to go.
Now in the train heading home.
Came home at 17.20 hrs My first blog written on my phone. I really don't know how it will look when I publish, let's have a go..NOW... Later that afternoon I found out that the pictures were not in the right order... changed them now..This post was ju…

Knitting is the Red Thread in my life...

This morning I had to go to Galerie Agnes Raben in Vorden to talk about my passion for knitting and what knitting means to me. It all started with my neighbour Ellen Korth who started about a year ago a Project called "Utilité". The content of the project are women and men who have a passion for textile-crafts..either spinning, weaving, knitting, crochet, felting...and more. She took pictures from all of them, and their work, did an interview and asked for a written article about the reason why everybody loved their passion. Since Ellen is my neighbour and because she has often see me knitting in front of the house I also would be a part of this project.About 3 weeks ago 2 exhibitions(1 in Deventer at the Bergkerk and the other 1 in Vorden at Agnes Raben) were open to the public and the matching book was presented. I really love the book. The way it looks from the outside. My pages with the Heart I did knit for Bram when he was in the Rehab Centre (that also is in the exhibi…


I came home this afternoon from a very touching funeral. It happend to be the lawyer Bram had to take when he lost his job years ago at the age 0f 65, his wife was singing in a choir I sang in for years and his daughter A was a former fashion design student of mine. When I read about his passing away in the newspaper I immediately felt that I had to go this afternoon, despite the fact that my student had to do a fashionshow this afternoon in the museum in Enschede. It was good to be there. I met up with 3 -also former students- who graduated 3 years ago and where in the same class as my student was.During the memorial tales were told about this special man and his 2 daughters and wife. It made me cry with their touching stories about how they loved there father/ husband and how special he was for them. Very brave if you do that in a full room with a lot of people. For me it was special to stand inbetween my former students who have become great young women. I have had them 4 years in …

Paris in Spring..

Afbeelding was a long time ago I did write a blogpost.. Did start one..wasn't satisfied with time during the holiday due to the fact that I was clearing out our house.. and last week I was in Glasgow to finish a schoolproject. But 3 weeks ago I was now in the train off to Paris with 20 students and my colleague Annemiek (she is such fun to travel with!!). It is the trip we always do with 3th year students. Because there were 3 great fashion exhibitions in Paris we had a busy scedule in the 4 days we went. We traveled in the most comfortable way: with the superfast Thalys from Schiphol Airport to Paris in about 3hrs (with a little delay).After checked in into the hotel we took the bus to the metro and off we went to see the most cliche building from Paris: La Tour Eiffel. It was the right time to go there because it was getting darker and suddenly the lights flashed on and a big AAAAHHHH could be heared. The building itself is a wonder of technique. Beautiful construction a…