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Old Blog - New Title

Soon new posts will appear after years of not blogging.
'Textiles' will be the subject.
Ever since being a little boy this subject means a lot to me.
It probably started when I saw my mother making garments on the sewingmachine and knitting scarves and sweaters by hand.
Going to the market to buy a piece of fabric was aLways exiting.
Even more exiting was the trip to that posh fabric store where she bought fabrics for special occacion dresses.
She made my clothes for many years until I wanted to have a real jeans and a real T-shirt.
But she has given me a little piece of the Textileworld.

Therefor the new title is: For the Love of Textiles.
About exhibitions.
About brands.
About new clothes.
About old garments
About craft.
About fabrics.
About fashion.
About traditions.
About history.
About books
And about probably much more.
Because textiles surrounds us and fascinate me.