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It is all about SHAPE..

Today work did start again after the week holiday..and it was good to be back.
Usually I love my work. Not one day is the same when you are working as a teacher.

I am now teaching Fashion Design for more than 23 years, and ever since starting, I try to make things exiting for my students...and for me also.
Fashion is always "On the Move".
For me it is important to give students insight in the development of a design.
Some basic knowledge is important..which we (me and my 2 colleagues) teach in the first 2 years.

Design is about:

To start a project for students needs a lot of thinking and input. I know that I can rely on my experience, but it is very important for me to try new things.

A class full of 2nd year Design students.. round 26..
Working on a Project with the startingpoint: SHAPE

The outcome from the first part of the task (there a 3 parts) must be a serie of white paper dresses based on constructions and shapes they did fo…

Just a Sunday...Baking..Knitting...

I always love the Weekend..
The Fridaynight together with a glass of wine...
Time for shopping, the laundry etc. on Saturday..
And time for...whatever.. on Sunday.

On Fridaynight I watched my all time favourite Cookery Writer: Nigel Slater on the BBC with his program.: "Dish of the Day" in which he demonstrated a very tempting Lemon and Thyme cake. 
I did find the recipe also in this really GREAT Cook-Book I have bought some years ago..
A great Read, esspecially if you like -as I do- reading Diaries, and this one is combined with very tasty recipes.

But if you don't have the book and want to make it: The Recipe is HERE .

So, this morning I decided to give it a go..Placed all ingredients together and the beating and mixing could begin..
More about the Cake later..

I just love baking..
Guess I have that from my late Mum.
She was excellent in cooking and baking. 
Now I really regret it that I don't have her much loved recipes..
The chewy chocolate cookies, the home made almondpaste w…

Reunion with a Dear Old Friend...

I am having holiday this week.
Made a list from all things I wanted to do, usual..not everything was done. I cleared out the garden on Monday afternoon, so Winter can arrive..and we had some friends over because Bram became 78 that day.. Tuesday was kind of an Off day.. On Wednesday I took the last things from the studio home... And I had an appointment with my psychotherapist and with her I shared some emotions.

Yesterday-afternoon I took the train to Amsterdam to visit the just opened (after 10 years of closure) and renewed Stedelijk Museum. Much is said already in the papers about the architecture..and the name for the new part is: "The BathTub".  I don't have a strong opinion yet...

But in a way I feel that the ground floor is only made fore the -way too big- museum shop and the restaurant... and the big exhibitionroom above is nice, but you don't feel that you are inside this BathTub, so this room is not special at all... Guess..I am getting to a sort of opinion..…


Some weekends go by in a pleasant way..
Some start a bit difficult, but all gets well at the end..
This weekend is one from the 2nd category..

When I came home Fridayafternoon I felt exhausted.
A glass of Wine is how my weekend always starts..
But after half a glass I went upstairs for a nap on the couch.
Didn't feel well after that..

Saturdaymorning started with a light headache.
The idea of all the work I had to do as shopping etc. made me a little grumpy..
Tired I was, after a night with not enough sleep..

But it all cleared up when Jim and his parents arrived.
My mood became lighter.
I always love to talk with him...and see everything from his 4 years old perspective.

Because the weather was quite good -inbetween showers- we took the wheelchair and the 5 of us went for a stroll in town. 
And for coffee and cake....

Since 2 weeks we have "Brood van Joop".

He sells the best Organic loafs in town. Sourdough. Yeast etc. etc.. and very good Brownies!!
Not baked by himself, but he gets the…