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Love again...

I haven't written for some weeks.
There is only 1 reason.

A new man named Jos has entered my life.
and I have entered his life.
I love Jos and he loves me. As simple as that.

From now on it is: Jan&Jos.

But at the same time Bram&Jan will stay too.

Totally unexpected.
Very overwhelming.
Very moving and emotional too.

It is a Miracle and it feels like a Miracle, and I feel blessed.Loneliness has left my house.

He lives in Amsterdam so it will be about traveling to eachother.

2013 has been a very difficult year for me losing Bram, but it ended the 28th of December with a new love in my life.

Darkness and light.

Sadness and Joy go hand in hand at the moment. Opposite of eachother, but they also belong to eachother. They are part of eachother and it will always be that way.

They both can live next to eachother.