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No Time.... or didn't make Time?

Yes, I have been neglecting my blog for weeks. Not that I didn't want to write, but there were just too much things happening and my mind was too busy to sit down and write about the things that were happening. During this time of the year my work is sometimes manic, or it feels like manic. There are visits to trainee's, exams, meetings etc. etc. It's every year like this and every year I am trying to do it different but it never works. Guess that is everywhere in the field of education because also my colleagues from other schools in Europe have the same experience. Maybe it has to do with getting older that it takes so much energy. Things I did easy years ago do take more energy now and it takes more time to recover. It is not complaining but it is a fact of going through different life stages. Not time sometimes can be not making time for things you want to do like writing my blog. But here I am: back on track and only 2 weeks of work to go and than I have so much ti…