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Life Now and some special Childhood Memories

I didn't wrote a blog entry for weeks now. Too much happening and not a reason to write. There were moments I felt too tired and the other time my choice was to sit in the sun. But now today is the perfect day to write. It's sunny but cold and sometimes it rains. I am now sitting in my rather "messy" workroom (no sorry, no pictures of that...) from which I say for months that I really should clean it up. Perhaps the week holiday in May could be an opportunity..but I am not promising anything. The last weeks have been quite hectic. Work is busy as always (my teaching at Saxion, Higher Textile Education did start again yesterday with lessons about Visual Merchandising in the first year: was Great!) but also in private life a lot of things happened in which we had to make a choice. Because Bram's health situation is not getting any better and because the hospital couldn't find anything we went the "Alternative Way". We are fed up with doctors and ho…