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Madam Gres....Ultimate Perfection...

Last Thursday, my colleague Annemiek gave me the pictures she made at the wonderful exhibition in Musee Bourdelle from Madam Gres, we did see during the schooltrip to Paris in May. The exhibition was organized by Fashion Museum Galliera which is currently under construction.I was really looking forward to this exhibition, because you hardly see such an impressive exhibition with so many garments from Madam Gres all together.To tell you the truth: I had never heard about the sculptor Bourdelle but after the guide who spoke about hislife and work , many of his sculptures can be seen in Paris. The museum itself is really worth a visit with.
Set close to La Tour Montparnasse the building in the courtyard is simply beautiful.But... we came for the exhhibition of Madam Gres. Ofcourse I knew a little about her dresses: the drapery and the elegance of it. But I didn't know anything about her tragic life. In Wikipedia is written:
Germaine Émilie Krebs (1903–1993), known as Alix Barton and …

Lots of Fashion... but not much Knitting Nowadays..

Over the last few weeks it was almost all about Fashion. My students from the 4th year are finishing the school with their Final Collections. For me it is always a joy to see and hear them talk bout their own Collection. Those presentation days we had over the last weeks are almost the best days from the year for me. To see them grow within the 4 years study is a joy to watch and one of the great benefits of being a teacher. There is a Fashion show coming up on Tuesday so my work is very busy and hectic at the moment (so much comes inbwetween). Pictures from the fashionshow will appear hopefully in my next post but here are some details.. and is all about fabrics, details and creativity!!

It is always a lot of work for them to do, but this year the level is very high and the extern examinators were very impressed by the standard of it.
It is not only that we show the Final collections but also from other classes and levels. My 3th year class are also presenting their garments t…