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My Love for Textiles and Fashion..2 Exhibitions...

Within 2 weeks I did see 2 great exhibitions I really have enjoyed.
One about Textiles in the TextielMuseum in Tilburg and the other one about Fashion in MoMu in Antwerp.

Ever since a little boy I was fascinated by textiles. My late Mother was very good in sewing and knitting. I remember her making out of a piece of fabric - which she bought a market-stall- beautiful dresses, shirts, skirts and trousers for herself. One of the highlights was a dress for the wedding of my brother in a black checked voile with flowers on it. Very difficult fabric to work with. I can see her puzzling about how to cut it because all those checks needed to be placed perfect so they were not broken at the seams. and of course she could do it and she made it even better than one you could buy in a store. 
For me she made once a Safari suit in light brown corduroy, a checked shirt with a round shaped collar.  Flared trousers with V stitching on the knees (very fashionable in the 70's) and Grandpa's shirt…

Stitching brings Everything Together...

How does my Brain works?
And how does my Mind works?
What is Creative Thinking?

Last week had some special moments for me, and they all had to do with the questions above.

I went to 2 Trendseminars by Lidewij Edelkoort (that Worldfamous Trendwatcher). 
One -in Amsterdam- took a day and was about Fashion and Lifestyle themes for Spring/Summer 2015. 
The other one was a little seminar about trends in home-textiles and took place at the Textielmuseum in Tilburg.
Ofcourse both were inspiring and exiting...and it took me again back into the beautiful world of textiles. The world I love so much. And I hope to have time to write a blog-post about it.

But for me the best part was the thing that happened in my mind while listening to the sentence:
"Stitching brings everything Together"Suddenly I knew what to do......

A few Months ago I did start embroidery work with sentences from my diary when he picked me up for dinner on the 28th of January 1983 at 17.30 hrs. My diary did start of course on…

Thoughts on a Gardening Sunday....

For this weekend the plan was,to plant red tulip bulbs on Bram's grave on Saturday and to do some heavy gardening in our garden on Sunday. 
Yes, I still feel it is "Our garden", and for the moment it is still difficult to write "My garden".
I have never been a real gardener myself. Bram was the one in our relation who always did the garden, and I was the one who enjoyed it. He was not a man with plans for the garden. In a way, that was more or less his attitude towards life in general. Not too much planning, and see what will happen. The funny thing is that in his work he was totally the opposite. His designs really needed planning, and he was good in that.

A few years ago it was time for me to step in. Bram had no more energy to do the work after his aneurysm operation. The garden had become a mess. Everything was over grown with weeds, and our little City garden behind our historic home really needed some work to be done.
I remember a bit chilly Autumn Monday whe…