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Can't write for the Moment....

I can't write a blogpost at the moment..
Yes, I do write letters to friends...
I bought paper...
And, yes, I do use his fountain pen.

But I don't see a reason at the moment to write about my sadness, grief, mourning, tiredness, panic, being nervous, feeling lonely...and all other feelings which suddenly can pop up in my body, mind and soul..

And that I gets harder by the day..despite the fact that friends hold me.

And YES..
I so miss him...
Touching his skin..
His eyes...his voice..
Even the Intensive care for him..

He is everywhere in our house...and under my skin..
Bram&Jan is still one word..

I can't write..not now..but it will come back...

Instead of writing I take one photo a day and place it HERE on Tumblr..

Love you all and thank you  for all the comments on my previous blogpost.


Silence has fallen...............
Bram passed away on the 2nd of April 2013. The funeral was today.
Love Around Me.

Love Forever.