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A blue world

A few weeks ago I decided to buy a workshop Dyeing with natural indigo at Blueprint Studio here in Amsterdam. It is not that I am totally recovered, but I felt the need to treat myself to this. 
And despite my hernia and other physical problems I wanted to do something with my 'textile-addiction'.

It was a saturday afternoon.
The 9th of May. Windy and rather fresh outside. Three women and one man got together in the little studio from Celia and her assistant Iris.

Indigo dyeing and Shiboru was on the menu. A table full of beautiful examples.

On the wall was an old male kimono hanging. 

Patched with different fabrics in the Sashiko technique.
In the same technique was this beautiful old piece of cloth used by the working class. 

Mended over and over again because throwing away wasn't done.
They are hard to find nowadays. They have a special name, but I can't remember it.

On the table: little pieces of cloth dyed in different ways in beautiful patterns.

All very inspirational. Around u…