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Weeks seem to Fly....

It's Sundaymorning.
Over the last weeks Bram hasn't been very well..Lots of worries and often fear about what is going on with him. So, the coming Tuesday we go back to the hospital for a check and a talk. It is not always easy to deal with it, but usually it works more or less in a good way. Since I tell myself not to complain about hanging up the laundry or do the shopping it goes better. The only problem now and than is the lack of good sleep. Last Fridaynight I was so tired that even picking up a bamboo knitting needle was way too much. Some weeks go by with lots of worries...some weeks seem to fly..

Complicated knitting as lace is not for me at the moment. I want it simple and mindless. So I picked up the beautiful yarn I got form Jon and cast on a pair of socks for my DH.
It is the Oak Ribbed Sock from Knitting Vintage Socks by Nancy Bush with a French heel and a round toe (both new for me). It was the first book I bought about socks and it is still one of my favourites.

In London I met up with David.... and.... Jon & Roy...

Last night I came back from my little 2 day Holiday-Trip to London. Today I feel I have been away for more than a week....that always happens when you have been away for a short holiday..

So I flew on Thursdaymorning early from Eindhoven to Stanstead Airport. Not that Ryanair is my favourite..but it was cheap and..well it is just less than an hour, so the limited leg-space is not that bad if you sit on the inside. Perfectly in time..but what a horrible coloured interior and clothes the stewardesses have to wear in those planes. I guess they have thought that the yellow brightens up the customers. Well...anyway..with closed eyes and music in my ears that hour was rather pleasant. At that time I didn't know that I would be surrounded by beautiful colours the rest of the days..
After landing The Stanstead Express brought me in 45 minutes to Liverpool Street Station. A real comfortable trainride with nice country vieuws too (I remember seeing Longboats in a small canal).
It was sunny…