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A Wish....

2013... A KISS for You. LOVE Everywhere. A Warm HUG...

High Tide..

The water from the river Ijssel -just 2 streets from our house- is rising.
I always love this when it happens. 
Nature has his own rules. Sometimes it is floading over the street behind the quay. 
It won't happen this time...unfortunately..

So over the last days we made walks -while I push the wheelchair- among the river almost every day. I have found out that most people are very kind to "wheelchairpeople and their pusher". We can go on the little ferry as the first ones...people stop their car so we can cross the street etc.

And because Bram is wearing a great hat (originally mine, and No, I didn't knit that one... but it looks so great on him) he gets a lot of attention. Even in the Supermarket last week a lady came up to us to tell how wonderfull he looked with that hat.. She was right ofcourse!

So we took a walk on X-mas day with Jim (4 already!)and his Parents..and No, that red blanket is not specially for X-mas.

The wheelchair.
I remember a friend telling me that wh…

Gifts for the Holiday..Kaffe is Back..

When we were in Utrecht with my class, we also went to a pop-up shop named: DepArtmentStore..just opposite the museum.
Packed with all kind of beautiful Handmade design..

And there he was...
Waiting for me to be taken home..
I couldn't resist..

His name is: Karel-Jan.
He is made by Lammers en Lammers..
And he now lives happily in our house.

Don't know exactly why I fell for him?
Perhaps the Sweetness of it..the little cut out heart..
The Nostalgic feeling he gave me...
The little golden boat on his head, which looks like a crown.. (In my youth I have made loads of those paper boats)..

Anyway..he is now standing in the window, but I hope to have a better place for him.
Inbetween 2 windows, so he can look down on the crowd..

Perhaps his little sister with her red shoes will accompany him one day..

Ofcourse I will knit the coming weeks..
I have finished the Stripe and Dotts scarf..
My Odinn needs more knitting..
There is a FairIsle vest...

And I want to read..

In the last year knitting ha…

Special People..

Knitters are Special People..
I know quite a lot of them...
And..alltough some I have never met in real life, there is a connection between knitters worldwide.
We find eachother on Ravelry and on Facebook.
The Internet has made it all possible..
I feel you can say that Knitting Connects...
In a previous post someone replied that knitting connects her with the past and the future.
Knitting is like like living, but you keep everything in your own hands on 2 needles..
That is so true for me, but it also connects me with beautiful people all around the globe..

Dear Knitters, you all have helped me so much over the last years, when my and our private life has changed dramatically.
There were postcards from America..
Skeins of beautiful yarn arrived here at home..
Touching mails and replies on my blogposts...
It all helps me to deal with it all and feel connected with the world I am living in.
Some would say..the Internet is not the real world.
For me it is a real world, next to the world of my daily life…

Christmas Holiday...At last....

No, I don't want to complain, but I am just happy that the holiday has started. 
I am tired, really tired from everything which has happened over the last few months. Work was busy and here at home things got slightly more difficult. 
But we manage sofar...despite the fact that Bram gets weaker..

I know how it will end (we all know don't we?!), but the uncertainty of it all is sometimes hard to deal with for the both of us. 
There is always fear inside me..
I always get a little nervous when my phone rings while at work.

His energy is very low. Sometimes when friends come for a coffee and a chat it can be too much for him, and than he has to go upstairs to take a rest and calm down. Sleep doesn't help for this kind of tiredness. He is tired even after he wakes up in the morning. Without the help of the care of the "Homecare Angels" I am sure he could not stay at home anymore.
I try to keep positive and try to do everything with love. I don't mind caring. After all h…