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About Samplers and Darning Samplers..

At the CraftFair in Zwolle, I coundn't resit to buy the just published book by Berthi Smith-Sanders on "Samplers and Darning Samplers" made by girls during the 18th and 19th Century in the Amsterdam Civic Orphanage. In 1996 she was able to buy 10 samplers from which 9 came from the same family named Sikking. Next to that there were notes and stories transferred from mother to daughter. From that moment the research did start, and with more historical information coming from the Amsterdam City Archives a really interesting book was written.
I had never met Berthi in real, but did follow her blog for a long time and I even did send her a card from the Shetlands which she used in her TextielPost item on her blog.
In real she is even better...funny and witty!!

The design of the book is beautiful. One of the things I like is the use of the color Red.
Bound together with Red Thread..

Words in Red Cross-Stitch..

The color Red is common used to mark clothing and household linen to ide…

Signs of Spring...

In  the months before Spring arrives I always get a certain feeling op hope and optimism.
It is not different this year,despite the difficult and often very sad situation we are dealing with.
No more optimism there, but outside there are signs of Spring appearing.

It might be strange, but I was so happy to see the snowdrops blossoming yesterday in the Convent garden behind our house. Every year they arrive, and it seems they are telling that winter is almost over. They show energy, beauty and courage on cold days like today. The circle of seasons show the circle of life. We all go through this circle.

Today I did send a letter to friends and neighbours in which I wrote about our situation. We like to speak open about our feelings. Hiding those feelings doesn't work for us, and in a way it opens the communication between everyone involved.

Some lovely replies came back already. Signs of love and courage. Helping hands and helping thoughts.
We both are aware that he is in the final sta…

Crushed by Jean Paul Gaultier....

Jean Paul Gaultier.. 
My Hero when I studied Fashion at Art College.
I remember buying the magazine Marie Claire Bis every season..
And in the where...
The most spectaculair Designs by him. 

This afternoon I found a map full of photo's with his designs from the time I studied Fashion Design.

Combinations no one ever dreamed off..

Chiffon and lace Aprons...

Old Models...

Amazing adverts..

Guess he was -and still is- a big inspiration for Fashion students..
I remember that we had to make an illustration with silk paper and I used one of his designs. I have always kept it.

At the moment De Kunsthal in Rotterdam shows the exhibition: 

The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk
I went yesterday..
I had doubts ofcourse because Bram is so weak..
But the nurses told me to go..
Neighbours took care..
Jochum came and stayed the whole afternoon..
And I could take a break from a few hours,. and breath...
I was a bit nervous when I left.. but that went away during the first hour..
It h…