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Don't Worry...But I Do..

Last week the Doctor from our school adviced me to stay one week at home. I think she was right in that advice. Over the last few weeks it all became a bit too much for the both of us. Bram's health has gone down and because of that I hardly slept during the nights. I felt I was dealing with 2 jobs in one day. The coming week is holiday and I hope to get back to work after that.
We have tried to get Bram into the Hospital for care and research but that is not possible. He has lost almost 9 Kilo which has the effect of hardly having energy. Precaution is not a reason and you can only enter the Hospital if something really happens like falling of the stairs and breaking something. It all has to do I think with the way Hospitals work and I can't do anything about that...
But we have now Professional Care by a small team from "BuurtZorg"  and they are a kind of Caring Angels. They come once a day for support for him, but they also have an eye for me..

During lunchtime o…

Turned into a Gardener..

I never thought it would happen..but I suddenly turned into a kind of Devoted Gardener.
Our garden has the size of a stamp, but since our life has tumbled there is more attention for the small and important things in life.
So... over the last week I worked in the garden to get my mind calmed down. About 1,5 week ago after a visit to the hospital in Nijmegen and Bram's condition running down (he lost 6 kilo)it all became too much for me. During a walk in the park there were tears running and I decided to stay home for a few days. That has turned into a week and last Thursday I went back to work. The week passed by with little bike rides in the sun, a little gardening. a visit to the gardencentre... and letting the days go by in a calm and pleasant way.
Guess it was just in time to take this step, because I can handle the situation much better now.
The coming Tuesday we have to go to Gastrointestinal liver specialist and see if she can do something for him

But back to the garden..