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Perfect Grey Day

Today is Grey and this is not my favourite time of the year. This grey light outside (this is the view from the window in my rather messy workroom) makes everything sort of pale. So the perfect day to stay inside -well, not really: we just had a coffee in Almen which we usual do on Sundays- to write some mails and to write a post here.In a way it is the perfect day today.Lots of things had happened over the last weeks after the holiday but one of the important one is that I will work all my hours in school starting from the 1th of February. It will be very busy with teaching at Medium and High level, but hopefully it will give me a good feeling that I am back in my work environment. My colleagues from Glasgow and Puchov with a group of students will arrive on the 1th of February for a few project days in our school. We know each-other for so long already, that it feels like friends coming over and next to the work we always have a good time together. This week I will do the last thin…