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Shetland in 2 days

I had planned to write a post last week.. but nothing came of it. Bram wasn't very well so it ended up that we had to go to our doctor, the hospital and my mind was just not ready and open enough to write. And next to that I had to take care of him and all the rest.Last Sunday we almost had to decide to cancel the holiday. But thanks to our doctor he has a cure and we can go off to day. There have been some changes as: A. We have a wheelchair: a black ,small and rather nice looking one. Very practical because you can take the big wheels of and the rest is fold-able. I really had to get used to it in the beginning.We made jokes about it (we have a Cabrio!!),but there was also sadness and the feeling of loosing something. It felt very uncomfortable and slightly embarrassing to ride with it. Sort of another step going down. Guess everyone has that in the beginning...but after thinking and talking about it I took the step to just go for it and give it a try.The first ride was not …

It's too darn Hot..... but the perfect day to write a post

As Ella did sing in her wonderful song: It's too darn Hot.. and yes..the weather is steaming hot here in Holland. Already for weeks the temperatures are above 30C and even after some heavy rain it stays warm. This time it is not a problem for me. I am drinking buckets of water or juice and by doing that I can handle it quite well. It is not that it is my kind of temperature. I prefer more round 2O or 22C, but I can't do anything about the weather gods who decide this kind of weather. For Bram this kind of weather is kind of heavy to deal with. His energy is very low,so he stays mostly indoors during the day with a ventilator.There is not yet much response on his medication. I am slightly worried about everything and every now and than we are talking about a wheelchair which is kind of difficult for him (and for me also. I so wish he would feel better and sometimes I get emotional about it. He will be very happy when we have arrived in Shetland in about 2,5 weeks time. Yes.…