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Sad Saturday....

Today, I have again experienced what grief can do tot the human my soul..
I don't know why, but today was a very hard one for me.

It did start just after waking up.. tears, while having a shower.
Tears when I met friends in town who invited me for coffee on a sunny terrace..tears again there..
Almost tears when I picked up my bread at the bakery and 3 of my best friends -who where having coffee there- invited me to have a drink with them too.. I could feel they where a bit worried about me.
Later one of them came to my home to bring some home grown veg and flowers..and I couldn't stop crying..
A neighbor came to invite me for a dinner at their place. I made the arrangement for the coming Friday, and when she was gone..tears again..
And while writing this..I am crying..

At a day like this I notice by myself that I have a different eyesight. I feel nervous and insecure with myself. A kind of secluded feeling.  People notice that. I try to be as normal as ever, but on the other…


This morning I finished my BramAndJan Ring at the course at Kunstgoud.
Made from our 2 rings, and with an imprint from his thumb.


No more words...

INDIGO Dyeing at the National Spinning Day..

You enter a room filled with 220 Spinners all from the Netherlands..
You were not expecting that amount of women..and a few men...
You were not expecting this great variety in spinning-wheels...

It was me who entered that room..
and I was totally  flabbergasted..not expecting that amount...
All different people (very interesting to see)..but all passionate about spinning!
For the first few hours I had the feeling that I had entered a Spinning-Storm..
and there was no place to hide..and I loved it..
I met up with my Knitting-friends from Ravelry..Tien, Marijke, Janneke, Rachel,Meta, Feikje and many more..but I could hardly speak, because all was so overwhelming to me..
Me..a Novice Spinner, who got to see the most amazing spinning-wheels, and yarns spun so beautiful..
I took some pictures just after lunch, when hardly anyone was in the room..

And ofcourse I had taken my Mr.Bliss with me, who loved to stand next to the Louet from my dear friend Puk (Was great to be together all day..Love…

First Half Year...

At exact 11.30 hrs. this morning I posted a picture on Tumblr..
and 1 minute later I linked it to Facebook.. It was very important for me to do this.

I took this picture yesterday, to be used today.. 11.30 hrs.. the moment his soul did fly away...26 weeks ago.
This is the first half year for me without him. I have managed so far...
When you would have told me last year I wouldn't have believed that. That it would be possible to go back into life. I always thought that if that would happen to me I couldn't manage it. That I wouldn't be able to laugh anymore.  The opposite is true in a way.  I remember that I even laughed in the afternoon when he had passed away. I can go back to that Tuesday, and I see everything very clear. It is totally not a vague memory.  I have seen and felt everything with a clear mind. Very aware of the moment. And I did see him go. Leaving Earth.
I am back at work.. I volunteer at the theater round the corner.  (Love that, and because of that I already have seen beautif…