Day 27. Espadrilles

Today I bought myself a pair of espadrilles.
Navy blue ones.
A must-have for a holiday in France.

Originally they come from the Pyrenees. 
Made from canvas or cotton with a sole made from rope. Now also made in leather.
Sometimes they have a rubber sole. 
The canvas is stitched to the sole with a visible feston stitch. 
This is the simple French version. 

The Basque version looks slightly different.


The name "Espadrille" is French and  comes from the Catalan word: Espardenya. That word comes from the word: Espart which is the Catalan word for Esparto, a strong Mediteranian grass which is used to make rope out of it.

Made since the 14th Century and still made in France and Spain.
Mine are made in Máuléon.

Still worn by many admirers.
I am one of them.


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