Day 36. Last day thoughts

The last day in our French paradise has arrived.
No more swimming after waking up.
I look good and feel good.
Calm and relaxed.

Tomorrow we set off to go home.
We will be home on saturday.

Driving back is also part of the holiday.
No rush. Relaxed.

It has been a great, and memorable holiday.
The first time with him.
We go so well together.
I feel so close to him.
The feeling that we belong together.
All I can say is that I really love this man.

There have been moments that I look at our relation from a distance.
That I step out to watch at it.
Than it feels like a miracle.
How is it possible that I can feel this again for a man?
After being together for more than 30 years with the love of my life?
I totally didn't expect that this would happen, and that I could feel it again.
That I would be able to love a man again, the way I did for all those years before he passed away.
That mourning can go together with the joy of a new love in my life.
Tears from missing him.
Room for sorrow.
But also room for happiness and well being.

The man I met for the first time on the 28th of December last year.
Who stayed and will stay.
I am sure of that.
I feel blessed with it all.
Grateful and thankful.

This afternoon we visited Domme.
A pretty village on top of the hills.
We walked around.
Stunning views on the surroundings.

We walked and talked.

Driving back.
Saint-Cyprien. One of my favourite villages.
Last dinner at home.
Artichokes ofcourse.
Life is good.


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