Fashion designer Eline Bouman

Four years ago a very talented student finished her study at the fashion department of my school.
I did wrote about her collection on my blog.
Check this and scroll to the end.

Her name: Eline Bouman.
Her website is HERE.

A few weeks ago I got an invitation from her if I would like to come to the graduation show from the fashion department of the HKU (art school in Utrecht).
I always love to go to a fashion show from a Higher education fashion deparment.
Guess that is because I know the feeling what is is to graduate with a collection. 
All the tension, the hard work before, the result and the three minutes my collection walked over the catwalk. 

You can meet all graduates here.

Title of the show: Nowhere now here.

But I came for her ofcourse, but was also very curiuos to see all other collection.

Title of her collection: Emission of radiance.

It is about emit radiation. A fictive image of the future in which we are -due to an over populated earth-iliving n a multi-planetary society. In the centre is a strong powerful woman who can deal with extreme climate changes.

Here it is:
Photo's by © PETER STIGTER HKU 2015

Former student Laura Jetten as Top Model!

And here she is: Fashion Designer Eline Bouman.
I think she has developed in a good and positive way. 
A strong and hard worker she is.
We has a little talk after the show and we were both very pleased to see eachother.
It is always nice to meet up with former students who develop in a good way in the workd of fashion.

Her plan now is to start her own collection on a small scale together with another student who also graduated.
I wish her all the best!


  1. Fantastic and such an inspiration that you have been along for the journey from the beginning!


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