Bargain of the Day

Today is 'KoningsDag', or in English: 'King'sDay'.
There are free flea markets all over the Netherlands.
Amsterdam has several.
Everybody is selling the stuff they don't want to have anymore.
Items bought will travel from North to South and from East to West.
A few markets are round the house were we live.

This morning I decided to try to walk instead of cycling.
My hernia isn't gone, but it goes better.
Next to physiotherapy twice a week, I get acupuncture at a Chinese Medical Centre here in Amsterdam.
I felt the need to do something extra for my body and mind.
There is a difference appearing.
This Saturday I will get Chinese Massage, because too much acupuncture isn't good for my body.
Next to my hernia I have a chronical problems in my arm, shoulder and neck.
The Chinese doctor told me that it will be fine at the end, but it needs time and treatments.
I trust him, which is very important.

But back to this morning.
I took half of my painkillers and off we went.
It is not that I didn't feel anything while walking, but it was so much better than last weeks.
Such a relief.

In a good mood I was, but it even got better after my 'Bargain of the Day'.
We passed a house at the Weesperzijde. 
A brown labrador was lying in the sun.
Chairs were taken outside.
The owner of the house was drinking wine.
On the ground was a box.

We started talking about it with the woman who owned it.
More subjects came up.
About romance.
And than:
How long are you together, she asked.
Make a guess, I said.
Twenty years, was her answer.
We smiled and told her our story.
She tried to persuade us to buy that box.
I knew that the price of it is quite expensive.
But where to leave it in our house?
And next to that: our oven isn't working at the moment.
We said goodbye, and Jos told the husband that his wife is lovely.

The box wasn't out of sight and mind.
Lovely for dinners with friends.
Individual cocotte's.
Just beautiful.

Than Jos told me to go back, because he felt sorry for her that we hadn't bought them.
Also, because I kept talking how nice it would be to use them at dinner parties with friends.
And so I did.
In my wallet was € 5,-.
It was all I had.

She smiled when I came back.
Five euro's is all I have.
I was hoping for Ten, she answered.
Sorry I said.
Well, allright than she said.
And after all we have had a lovely chat.
Off I went with a big smile on my face.

This is in it.

At home I checked for the price.
€ 65,- it is, when buying it on line.
The 'Bargain of the Day' it is.

One day we are going to invite the former owners for a dinner at our home and use those little pots.
I am already looking forward to it.


  1. Een dag met minder pijn, een aankoop op basis van contact, dat wordt blijvend lekker eten hoop ik!


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